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Wild Fish


Trademark “Aquamarine”

“Aquamarine” is a national brand leader in the canned fish market in Ukraine. TM “Aquamarine” presents canned fish and seafood, as well as red caviare. “Aquamarine” canned fish is a tasty and healthy product of Wild fish, i.e., fish that grew and was caught in the wild. The range of TM “Aquamarine” includes more than 50 kinds of products from the ocean and marine fish: sardine, tuna, mackerel, saury, salmon, anchovy, sprats, sprats, as well as delicacies from the sea: mussels, squid, cod liver.

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 A unique position in the range of TM “Aquamarine” is meat of krill (antarctic shrimp) from organic Antarctic waters, known by its delicate flavour and unique aroma. The range of TM “Aquamarine” features products made by the classic and original recipes such as canned fish fillets, sprats in jelly with reduced fat, ear, fish products, and others. Canned fish is produced according to the highest European standards and in accordance with the international quality control system of the HACCP (DSTU ISO 22000: 2007).   The first can of “Aquamarine” canned fish was released in 2005. Now “Aquamarine” has been a market leader in canned fish in Ukraine for 8 years already. According Omnibus GFK survey (February-March 2013), 73 % of customers know TM “Aquamarine”.
Canned fish
Gobies in tomato sauce
Canned squid
Sprats in tomato sauce
Canned mussels
Sardines in tomato sauce
Canned sardines



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