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Recipes of canned Herring

Herring fillet salad in tomato sauce with apple Cooking time: 30 min; Number of Serves: 4; Ingredients: Herring Fillets in tomato sauce TM «Aquamarine» – 1 can View the entire recipe » Boiled rice – 0.5 glass Apple – 3 … Read More

Recipes of canned Baltic herring in tomato

The sardine – is an Atlantic fish which has high nutritional and energy value due to its high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids Omega-3. In cooking, the most popular canned sardine, from which original, useful and flavourful fish salads are … Read More

Fish Soup

«Aquamarine» Atlantica fish broth is an original recipe from TM «Aquamarine». Whole pieces of fish, onion, carrot and fragrant spices are used for cooking. It is tasty, flavourful dish with delicate slices fish. It is an easy and useful food. … Read More

Recipes of canned Fish balls

Tasty TM «Aquamarine» fish balls with vegetables in tomato sauce are ready-to-eat, made from ocean fish, with vegetables. This is a great addition to your favourite garnish. Try to use the fish balls in dishes, replacing minced fish – a … Read More


Original fricandels from ocean fish with vegetables in tomato sauce TM «Aquamarine» is a full dish of sardines with vegetables. Fricandels are carefully roasted in sunflower oil and impregnated with fragrant tomato sauce. Fricandels with a side dish, combine the … Read More

Recipes of canned Mackerel

Mackerel – a very valuable Atlantic fish, surprisingly juicy and tender, and has its own ‘signature’ flavour and aroma. It is ideal for canning in vegetable oil or tomato sauce. TM «Aquamarine» tender mackerel meat is full of vitamins (especially … Read More

Recipes of Sprats

Тарталетки со шпротами Время приготовления: 15 мин; Ингредиенты: Шпроты в масле «Аквамарин» – 240 г Посмотреть весь рецепт » Тарталетки – 20 шт. Майонез – 150 г Помидоры – 2 шт. Сыр твёрдый – 200 грамм Способ приготовления: Небольшими кусочками … Read More

Recipes of canned Saury

«Aquamarine» canned fish is produced according to high quality standards. Do not contain preservatives, colouring agents, flavour enhancers and GMOs. Tartlets with Pacific saury and green peas Cooking time: 20 min; Number of Serves: 15 Ingredients: Natural Pacific suary of … Read More

Recipes of canned Sardinella

Salad with sardinella and fried onions Cooking time: 15 min; Ingredients: Sardinella in oil TM «Aquamarine» – 240 g View the entire recipe » Eggs – 2 Olives – ½ can Tomatoes – 2 Onion – 2 Vegetable oil – … Read More

Recipes of canned Baltic herring in tomato

Baltic herring is a very juicy and tasty fish, one of the most popular in Ukraine. It is prized among Europeans for taste, but the Dutch make Baltic from herring the national dish and arrange a festival dedicated to this … Read More