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Wild Fish

About “Wild fish”

wild fish

Already familiar in the world, the term wild fish is only arriving in Ukraine. What is the meaning of Wild fish and what is its value? In today’s world where genetic engineering and flavor enhancers are doing “miracles” with the products, every day it become becomes more and more difficult to believe that there are still products that include natural ingredients. This product is wild fish, i.e., fish grown and caught in the wild. This fish is appreciated above the other, it is “Aquamarine” Wild fish that is used for preparation of canned fish.

wild fish

What makes Wild fish better then any other? There are not so many places left on the planet where the laws of nature are preserved and act. It is in these conditions that Wild fish live. Wild fish grew in a natural environment – the open sea or ocean and developed, following all the laws of nature. Wild fish grew in a natural environment, has balanced by the nature amount of vitamins, trace elements and has a pristine taste. That is why it is so tasty and wholesome.

wild fish aquamarine

Today it is organic products which are becoming increasingly popular, i.e., the products that are grown without the use of growth stimulants, pesticides, herbicides and other artificial additives. But even these products are not completely natural as they are grown by man. This applies to foods of both vegetable and animal origin. Wild fish is created by Nature without human intervention. Without a doubt, Wild fish is more than just organic.

wild marine fish

An important addition is that in the manufacture of canned fish no preservatives are used- only fish, sunflower oil / tomato sauce, salt and aromatic spices. Storage is achieved solely by the heat treatment of the sealed tin at a temperature over 110 degrees.

Aquamarine. Wild marine fish. Powered by nature.



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