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Wild Fish

Information for Consumers

Natural composition of canned fish

Canned fish do not contain preservatives, flavour enhancers, GMO and other unnatural ingredients. Storage is provided by thermal processing and packaging in sealed cans. Only natural high quality ingredients such as fish oil, sunflower oil, tomato sauce, salt and aromatic spices are used for the production of canned fish.

Not all modern foods can boast of naturalness that makes canned fish a unique product: canned fish is a natural long shelf life product.

Canned fish stay fresh and maintain useful properties of marine fish

In the absence of fresh sea fish on the shelves, canned fish are an important component of the diet. It is a source of calcium, essential minerals, vitamins, minerals and Omega-3 fatty acids. Heat treatment of sea fish does not reduce the beneficial polyunsaturated fatty acids.

According to studies that have been conducted at the Institute of Biophysics, Russia, the largest number of beneficial polyunsaturated Omega 3 fatty acids is contained precisely in canned fish because the fish loses moisture during the cooking of canned fish. Keep in mind that a wild sea fish should be present in the diet of each person. In addition, if the fresh fish should be peeled, marinated and cooked, the canned fish is a ready-made dish of sea fish!

How useful is canned fish?

Canned sea fish are highly prized as a source of digestible calcium and minerals: phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids.

Canned fish is a “useful fast food”

Fast food takes on new dimensions and can be healthy! “Aquamarine” canned fish and seafood is ready, tasty, healthy and nutritious food. “Aquamarine” will be your best assistant when you need to quickly prepare lunch or dinner, or when you need a quick snack “on the go”. Canned sea fish contains a complete set of substances needed to compensate for the energy expenditure during the day. Canned “Aquamarine” Wild Sea Fish is a fast, healthy and tasty food that is always at hand. This is a “useful fast food” whose main advantages are: wholesomeness, long shelf life and availability, and ease of use in any situation!

Canned fish is a perfect ingredient for cooking a variety of dishes

It is fast and easy to cook a variety of dishes from canned fish, such as salads, soups, pies. It is noteworthy that each family can find your favourite recipe of canned fish. The healthy and nutritional properties of foods remain unchanged.

Dishes from canned fish are popular all over the world. In Spain and Portugal, a favourite family dish is paella with canned mussels and squid. In Malaysia, a favourite is a gourmet soup of canned sardines in tomato sauce with chilli pepper. In China, the popular national dish is Kimchi (pickled Peking cabbage) in conjunction with canned mackerel in oil. In Europe and the United States the number 1 ingredient for salads is canned tuna.

Can marking: what the numbers on the cover mean?

First row: date of manufacture

Second row: assortment sign (one to three characters), the number of the manufacturer (one to three digits).

Third row: shift (one digit), the index of the fishing industry – the letter “P”.



Recipes from products of TM “Aquamarine”