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Wild Fish


Interrybflot” took part in the XXIV International Agricultural Exhibition AGRO-2014

06.06.2014 Interrybflot” took part in the XXIV International Agricultural Exhibition In June 2014 “Interrybflot” participated in the 24th International Agro-Industrial Exhibition AGRO-2014. The company was awarded an AGRO-2014 certificate and Certificate of Merit for taking active part in arrangement and presentation of the fish industry within the frame of the 8th exhibition of the fishing industry and fishery FISHEXPO-2014 that was held under AGRO-2014.

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It should be noted that AGRO Exhibition is the largest agro-industrial exhibition in CIS and countries of Eastern Europe, the most significant nationwide event in the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.
This year the exhibition was participated by over 900 participants from 16 countries of the world. “Interrybflot” is a regular participant in AGRO and this year has not been an exception. “Interrybflot” can be rightfully called a flagship in the canned fish industry of Ukraine. TM “Aquamarine” has been a leading brand in the market of canned fish for 8 years. Consistently high quality, tried and tested recipes, most of which are in compliance with the rigid GOST standards, strict control at all production stages are the basis for success and consumer trust to the company trademarks: Aquamarine, IRF, Sea, Sea Collection, and Atlantic.

In March 2014 TM “Aquamarine” received another confirmation of the high quality of its products

18.03.2014 In March 2014 TM “Aquamarine” received another confirmation of the high quality of its products As part of the TV program “Test purchase” on Channel I, the Gobies in Tomato Sauce TM “Aquamarine” won first place. Deservedly were evaluated:

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  • excellent taste;
  • high quality of the fish in tomato sauce;
  • the highest level of fish in the samples tested;
  • compliance with the established standards of the cooking of canned fish and its commercial sterility.
The independent testing the TM “Aquamarine” gobies in tomato sauce was recognized by professional experts and consumers. You can watch the TV programme by clicking on the following link:

In February 2014, the company “Interrybflot” presented the products of TM “Aquamarine” at the 21st international exhibition

14.02.2014 In February 2014, “Interrybflot” company presented the TM “Aquamarine” products at the 21st international exhibition of food products, beverages and raw materials for their production ProdExpo 2014, held in Moscow, Russia. The exhibition was attended by the largest companies in the CIS and Eastern Europe.

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As part of the contest BEST PRODUCT – 2014 the high quality products of TM “Aquamarine” (krill meat, sardines in oil blanched, Black Sea anchovy fried in tomato sauce, Gobies fried in tomato sauce) was awarded medals and certificates. This is further evidence of the high quality standards of the TM “Aquamarine” products concerns about the quality and freshness of raw materials, development of formulas that preserve the high nutritional value of fish and krill meat, the use of technological processes leaving unaltered the complex of minerals, acids and vitamins necessary for human health.

Aquamarine Wild Sea Fish. New commercial about TM “Aquamarine”

04.09.2013 Canned fish is a very well-known and popular product but not many people have thought of its naturalness. In modern world, with gene engineering and flavorings that work ‘miracles’ with food products, it is becoming increasingly difficult to believe that there still exist products with completely natural components. This is why it is of paramount importance to remind consumers of the existence of natural “Wild fish”. Wild fish is fish that grows and is caught in the conditions of wild nature, that is why it is so tasty and wholesome.

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Buying products of TM “Aquamarine” consumers choose a safe and natural product that has been created by Nature itself. Wild marine fish is very healthy; by including it in diet we take care of our health since Wild marine fish is a unique source of calcium, Omega 3, vitamins and minerals. Being healthy, full of energy and vigor is what really important for everyone! The idea implementation was entrusted to the tried and true partners – Sahar Creative Bureau of Production Studio 23/32.

Aquamarine canned fish updated label design

01.08.2013 The leader in this category – TM “Aquamarine” – introduces a new label design since September 2013. The best creative agencies in Ukraine worked to develop the label design. The label reflects the new positioning of the TM “Aquamarine” – canned wild marine fish – and brings the consumer information about the naturalness and natural products. The Wild fish icon will tell the buyer that the canned fish prepared exclusively from wild marine fish that grew and was caught in the open sea, which explains why it is very tasty and healthy.

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The restyled TM “Aquamarine” label has made it up-to-date, while preserving the basic recognizable elements, the chief among which is the “Aquamarine” ship. The label contains QR code, whose scanning will bring the user to the web-site which contains information about the most popular recipes of dishes with this kind of fish and seafood. The centrepiece of the label is taken by an appetizing food-plot.

TM “Aquamarine” is a partner of ХХІІІ All-Ukrainian Gathering of Children and Youth Public Organizations and Volunteer Troops Following the “Steps of Cossacks”

09.05.2013 TM “Aquamarine” became a partner of the 23rd All-Ukrainian Gathering of Children and Youth Public Organizations and Volunteer Troops Following the Steps of Cossacks. The event was organized by Kiev City VМОО National Organization of Scouts of Ukraine in association with Kiev City Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth under the auspices of State Organization of Youth and Sport of Ukraine. Today’s vocal and eloquent motto of the gathering We create happiness by our own hands! Leaves no doubts that Ukraine youth are not only able to realize their dreams but also poses an active stance towards development of Ukrainian national identity in realizing the national idea. Scouts and members of youth organizations advocate healthy lifestyle and endeavor to bring up a creative and intellectual generation. We are happy that canned fish of TM “Aquamarine” helped the participants to remain satiated and full of energy!

Recreation of krill catching in the Antarctic

25.01.2013 On January 25, 2013, the RKTS “Sea of Commonwealth” trawler, following renovation and upgrading, set out on a voyage of the Antarctic. The voyage was mostly experimental since in addition to traditional for RKTS kinds of products, an attempt would be made to master production of new products with the help of latest scientific and technical advances. Hopefully, it will give a boost to recreation of modern distant-water fishery and open new horizons for the fishery and agricultural sector of Ukraine.



Recipes from products of TM “Aquamarine”