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Wild Fish

Recipes of canned Gobies

Gobiesis a very juicy and tasty fish, one of the most popular in Ukraine. Tender meat of gobies is a great source of healthy vitamins and minerals. «Aquamarine» gobies are cooked from fresh whole fish to the classic recipes. Used for the preparation is fragrant sunflower oil and spicy tomato sauce that complement and highlight the unique taste of sea fish. «Aquamarine» gobies in tomato sauce are recommended to bring to the table as a separate dish. As a garnish it is recommend to use boiled potatoes or beans, but as a complement – cucumbers “out of the barrel”. «Aquamarine» canned fish is produced according to high quality standards. Do not contain preservatives, colouring agents, flavour enhancers and GMOs.
Borsch with gobies in tomato sauceBorsch with gobies in tomato sauce
Cooking time: 30 min;
Number of servings: 4
Ingredients: «Aquamarine» gobies in tomato sauce – 1 can

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Potatoes – 4
Cabbage – 400 grams
Pre-cooked beans – 1 glass
Onion – 1
Carrot – 1
Beetroot – 1
Vegetable oil – 2 spoonfuls
Salt, sugar, spices – to taste
Method of cooking:
Put the grated beetroot on a heated pan and fry, add the onions, then carrots. Add a little sugar, salt, pepper, bay leaf, garlic. Simmer for 10-15 minutes on low heat.
Boil the potatoes until soft, add the shredded cabbage. When the vegetables are ready, add the dressing, beans in tomato sauce and «Aquamarine» Gobies in tomato sauce. Bring to a boil, add salt and pepper.
«Aquamarine» wish you bon appetit!