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Wild Fish

Recipes of canned Cod Liver

Cod liver is a unique source of Vitamins A, Е, D and polyunsaturated fatty acid Omega 3 and folic acid.
Perfect ‘food for the brain’, exquisite seafood product that stabilizes the functioning of all body systems, gives a boost of energy and improves well-being.
Cod liver of«Aquamarine» is:
- made of fresh fish, has not undergone freezing
- produced in places where it was caught
- meets the high European quality standards
«Aquamarine» canned fish are produced according to high quality standards. Do not contain preservatives, colouring agents, flavour enhancers and GMOs.
Cod liver and quail egg saladCod liver and quail egg salad
Cooking time: 10 min;
Number of Serves: 2
Cod liver of TM «Aquamarine» – 115 g

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Quail egg – 8
A few chive leaves, seasoning to taste
Method of cooking:
Cut boiled eggs in two, put cod liver of «Aquamarine» on top, previously mashed with a fork, sprinkle freshly ground pepper and chopped spring onion.
«Aquamarine» wish you bon appetit!

Pita appetizerPita appetizer
Cooking time: 20 min;
Number of Serves: 2
Cod liver of TM «Aquamarine» – 230g

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Flat bread – 1
Bell pepper – 1
Processed cheese – 1
Boiled egg – 2
Greens, mayonnaise.
Method of cooking:
Cod liver of TM «Aquamarine» is mixed with chopped greens, and processed cheese is blended with boiled egg. The mixture is evenly spread over flat bread, sprinkled with finely chopped bell pepper and rolled tight. The roll is wrapped in cling film and put into the fridge for a couple of hours. Cut cooled down roll into pieces.
«Aquamarine» wish you bon appetit!

Cod liver pateCod liver pate
Cooking time: 15 мин;
Number of Serves: not applicable;
Cod liver of TM «Aquamarine»– 230g

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Walnuts – 70 g
Hard cheese – 100 g
Lemon juice
Dill weeds
Method of cooking:
All tin contents is put into a bowl and mashed with a fork. Walnuts are crushed to make small crumbles, mix with cod liver «Aquamarine», grated cheese and finely chopped dill weeds. Season with lemon juice and bottle juice. Mix well again. Add salt and pepper to taste.
Serve spread on toasted slices of white bread. Trim with spring onion.
«Aquamarine» wish you bon appetit!