Trademark “Aquamarine”
“Aquamarine” is a national brand leader in the canned fish market in Ukraine. TM “Aquamarine” presents canned fish and seafood, as well as red caviare. “Aquamarine” canned fish is a tasty and healthy product of Wild fish, i.e., fish that grew and was caught in the wild. The range of TM “Aquamarine” includes more than 50 kinds of products from the ocean and marine fish: sardine, tuna, mackerel, saury, salmon, anchovy, sprats, sprats, as well as delicacies from the sea: mussels, squid, cod liver.
About "Wild Fish"
«Дика риба/Wild Fish» – термін, з"Wild Fish" is a term that is well-known in the world and is just coming to Ukraine. What does this concept mean and what is the value of Wild fish? In today's world, where genetic engineering and flavor enhancers work "miracles" with food products, every day it becomes more and more difficult to believe that there are still products that contain only natural components. Wild fish is just such a product - fish that grew up and was caught in the wild.
What makes wild fish better than any other? There are so many places left on the planet where the Laws of Nature are preserved and in effect. It is in these conditions that a real wild fish lives. Wild fish grew up in natural conditions - the open sea or the ocean and developed, observing all the laws of nature. Wild fish grown in a natural environment contains a naturally balanced amount of vitamins and microelements and has an original taste. That is why it is so tasty and useful.
Today, organic products, which are grown without the use of growth stimulants, pesticides, herbicides and other artificial additives, are gaining more and more popularity. But even these products are not completely natural, as they are grown with the help of humans. This applies to products of both plant and animal origin. Wild fish are created by Nature without human intervention. An important addition - no preservatives are used in the production of canned fish - only fish, sunflower oil/tomato sauce, salt and aromatic spices. Preservation is achieved exclusively due to heat treatment of a sealed tin can at a temperature of more than 110 degrees.
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