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Aquamarine canned fish updated label design

The leader in this category – TM “Aquamarine” – introduces a new label design since September 2013. The best creative agencies in Ukraine worked to develop the label design. The label reflects the new positioning of the TM “Aquamarine” – canned wild marine fish – and brings the consumer information about the naturalness and natural products. The Wild fish icon will tell the buyer that the canned fish prepared exclusively from wild marine fish that grew and was caught in the open sea, which explains why it is very tasty and healthy.
The restyled TM “Aquamarine” label has made it up-to-date, while preserving the basic recognizable elements, the chief among which is the “Aquamarine” ship. The label contains QR code, whose scanning will bring the user to the web-site which contains information about the most popular recipes of dishes with this kind of fish and seafood. The centrepiece of the label is taken by an appetizing food-plot.
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